Universal Measurement Device

The measuring system for 3C structural parts, combined with sub-systems A&B, is developed by TZTEK dedicatedly to meet the requirement of rapid measurement for 3C products such as mobile phone, tablet PC, etc。



External dimension 1200*1000*1580(mm)
Weight 650(kg)
Measurement range 250×280×20(mm)
Measurement accuracy 7.5(μm)
Camera 5 mega-pixel black and white camera
Lens Telecentric lens
Light source Ring light
View 8.4×7.1(mm)
Software UMD Professional measurement platform
Working environment  Standard air source for factory (air supply pressure is more than)
Temperature 20℃±2℃, temperature change<2℃/hr and humidity 
Humidity 30%~80%
Power supply  Vibration<0.002g, lower than15Hz 
The brand or specification of optical module is optional so as to meet the measurement requirement
Parameters based on the standard assembly (1x telecentric lens, 5 mega-pixel black and white camera and point laser) of equipment
Maximum dimension of compatible product based on 0.3X telecentric lens
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